If youre moving home or decorating it can be a real nuisance when you have large furniture items and boxes taking up all your space. Dust sheets are far from reliable when it comes to protecting your furniture from paint splashes and other damage that can occur during renovation. Therefore, its a good idea to rent a secure storage unit where you can safely store your belongings.

Many storage companies offer units which you can rent on a long or short-term basis, allowing you to take your time to settle in and figure out where you want all your belongings when moving house. With certain storage services you can also drive right up to your unit, which can be a big help when unloading heavy items of furniture.  Moving home can be an extremely stressful task, many storage unit companies offer removal services, meaning all your bulky furniture is picked up directly from your home and safely stored away, enabling you to focus on making your new house a home. Some storage companies also offer packing materials, including storage and archive boxes, bubble wrap and padlocks to help you safely pack away your belongings.

When choosing your storage service, its a good idea to select a company which offers a high level of security. This will give you peace of mind that all your items are completely safe. Many storage services have CCTV cameras and operate by giving you a key code which will open the gates and disable the alarm on your unit only. Its also useful to choose a company which allows 24 hour access. This means that whether youre storing documents, vehicles or fine china, you will be able to access your belongings any time of day or night.

The majority of all storage companies will undoubtedly have a wide variety of storage units to choose from. Its a good idea to take a look around a few different types to get an idea of which unit you might need. For storing documents and other small items there are many single units with handy shelving systems. If you wish to store furniture or vehicles, double units with extra large access doors are ideal for large and bulky items.  Whether youre moving home, re-decorating or just need that little extra space in your home, secure units are a convenient storage solution whatever your situation.
Unit Self Store provide convenient storage units in Nottingham. All their units are based on the ground floor, meaning you can drive right up to your unit at any time of day or night, as they allow 24 hour access.  Visit their website to safely store all your belongings today.

Source: unitselfstore.com